Lakers announce their coaching staff

Lakers announce their coaching staff

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The Laker’s officially announced their coaching staff on Friday. After a few months of speculation the hiring of Jud Buechler, Theo Robertson, Brian Keefe, Jesse Mermuys, Will Scott, Brian Shaw, Casey Owens, and Mark Madsen was made official.

The Lakers also provided some insight as to where each individual would specialize their services. Jud Buechler, Brian Keefe, and Theo Robertson will be player development coaches. Also added was Will Scott as head video coordinator. On the main bench with Luke Walton will be Brain Shaw as assistant head coach. Mark Madsen as assistant coach. Jesse Mermuys as assistant coach. Casey Owens as assistant coach and advanced professional scout.

Brian Keefe

Though we at Lakers Pulse have been able to predict and or report just about all these coach hiring’s prior to this announcement. Brian Keefe was the newest addition, though he was seen at the practice facility. Brian Keefe spent the last 2 seasons as assistant coach for the New York Knicks. Before you start shouting to the hills the Knicks were terrible. Prior to his Knicks tenure, Keefe spent seven seasons with the Oklahoma City thunder.  His main duties in Oklahoma City were initially the player development. After Ron Adams left to join the Chicago Bulls in 2010. Keefe was thrust into the position of defensive assistant.

It’s important to note that a particular player was on the team his first 2 seasons he was defensive assistant. This particular player has been absolutely horrid on defense the past 2 seasons. Somehow he was able to lead a very young Thunder team, with James Harden as one of the main pieces, to 15th overall in the league defensively. Things only got better. In the 2011-2012 the team’s defensive rating was 11th. Then it jumped a full 7 slots to 4th in 2012-2013. In 2012-2013 it dropped to 6th, but still impressive nonetheless. Once he joined the Knicks, the team was loaded with poor defensive players. Kurt Rambis was touted as the main defensive coach. Thus giving way to a horrible two years with that team.

Ready to roll

With the coaching staff made official, it can only mean on thing, the season is right around the corner. The veteran players will likely be reporting in a month or so. I say the veterans because the young core has been working with their new coach and others all summer. The new staff is young, smart, and very adaptive. They will look to incorporate a mixture of old school basketball feel with a deep look into the statistics that are needed to be “light years ahead” as Luke Walton’s former owner once said.

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