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Just enough Magic

Just enough Magic

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Just Enough Magic

Well then. What a night it has been, patiently waiting to see if the Lakers would keep their pick, or if it would fall outside the top 3 and become another 76ers top 5 pick. But the Lakers beat the odds, as they had a 53.1% chance to lose the pick, and only a 15.7, chance at the number 2 overall pick. There was just enough Magic tonight, as Magic Johnson was representing the Lakers. A week and a half ago, here is what Magic had to say about the Lakers lottery night.

And that is exactly what happened. 

Whether or not you liked the hiring of Magic Johnson and the firing of Mitch and Jim, the former Lakers¬†great has made some outstanding moves in the front office, as well. Trading Lou Williams for a first round pick, while also dumping Marcelo “The Catalyst” Huertas, and even getting rid of Jose Calderon. The Lakers also just landed the 2nd pick in the NBA Draft.¬†Great start for Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka.

What is next?

The next month and a half just got a bit more exciting.¬†The Lakers will draft 2nd in the 2017 NBA Draft, on June 22nd.¬†The Lakers will also¬†draft 28th, the pick from Houston in the Lou Williams trade. Magic and the front office do have a few options and a few decisions to make in the next month and change. With the top few picks being so value, especially the¬†top 2 picks, the Lakers could make a trade push for someone like, I don’t know, Paul George. Anyways, @MagicJohnson, if you’re reading this, I’d highly recommend not trading this pick.

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