Julius Randle suffers right hand laceration

Julius Randle suffers right hand laceration

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The Lakers reported today that Julius Randle suffered a laceration (cut) to his right hand during practice yesterday. It is unknown how he received this cut between the webbing of his middle and ring fingers. He received a total of seven stitches.

Timetable for return

According to Mike Bresnahan he will be re-evaluated in 14 days.

As Mike Bresnahan stated, this is fortunately not his shooting hand. It is unknown whether or he will continue to work out and practice. Any cut that requires stitches is always serious, however it doesn’t look like he will be missing any major training camp time. Media day is September 27th and training camp usually starts the next day. If he does practice, it’s likely he will probably only be using his left hand. Most agree that finishing with his right has been one of his main focuses for improvement.

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