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Julius Randle has been filling in his "Doing Work" bar in real life - Lakers Pulse

Julius Randle has been filling in his “Doing Work” bar in real life

Julius Randle has been filling in his “Doing Work” bar in real life

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Last year Julius Randle flashed, to me, a sky high ceiling. His combination rebounding and playmaking skills are rare in the NBA. However, the biggest obstacle to this ceiling is his shooting, or lack there of, as defenses could sag off of him and give him plenty of space. This lead to Randle shooting 232 from 10 feet or beyond while converting a ghastly 25%.

There is hope though, as according to John Ireland, the former 7th pick has been shooting 1000 jumpers everyday over the summer. Ireland isn’t the only one to bring up Randle’s hard work; Mitch Kupchack also mentioned how hard Randle has been working. But work ethic has never been the concern for Randle. The question is if the work has payed off, and it seems it has, as Randle has been hitting jumpers with a new, better form.

However, all of the Randle shooting clips, while exciting, are just practice clips. Still, it is good to know that Randle has been putting in work this summer to improve the weaknesses of his game, and Lakers fans should be just as excited of his improvements as they are of D’Angleo Russell’s or Jordan Clarkson’s.