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Jim Buss officially removed as co-trustee - Lakers Pulse

Jim Buss officially removed as co-trustee

Jim Buss officially removed as co-trustee

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The bad news? There was more Buss family drama handed down today. The good news? It seems this will be the end of it for good.

At the beginning of the month it was announced that Jeanie Buss relieved her brother Jim Buss of his position as President of Basketball Operations, and fired Mitch Kupchak in the process. Jim, however, was not ready to back down and decided rather than letting things go and just be an owner, he and his brother Johnny Buss went after Jeanie to relinquish her as president of the Lakers (Nathan Fenno and Bill Plaschke of the LA times reported). This was met with fierce opposition from Jeanie and the rest of the Buss family Janie, Joey, Jesse, and others. This also resulted in a restraining order to be filed by Jeanie, though this is standard law practice in these type of situations.

Jim is gone for good

In the end the ill-fated attempt to take over the Lakers cost Jim a spot as a co-trustee. Janie Buss, and staunch ally of Jeanie, replaced Jim and thus joined Jeanie and Johnny as co-trustees. To make this more understandable. Instead of just being an owner of the Lakers, Jim has now been ousted entirely. Jim had to make this agreement or the entire family would’ve likely gone to probate court which was scheduled for May 15th. According to the report from Nathan Fenno of the LA times there was no financial settlement with Jim. Essentially, Jeanie took what little relationship she still had with her brother Jim, and ended that because the Lakers mattered to her more than Jim. That’s a tough decision regardless of what you think about the entire situation.

Even before this season started there was growing awareness amongst the front office that the once “greatest franchise in sports” was slowly becoming the biggest joke in sports. With a two-headed snake that was looking in entirely different directions, report after report came out that the two siblings began to really despise each other. The fact that the two heads of this organization despised each other was really bad for the team as well as the overall look of the franchise.

The bottom line is that now this is all over, the franchise is now headed in one direction. Most importantly with the ending of the possible court feud and subsequent battle for Westeros…. sorry the Lakers, the front office can focus on making the team better. The idea that the Lakers are a mess because of feuding children is no longer a narrative.

Or in some cases, a crutch.

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