Jerry West wants to return, Lakers brass don’t want it to happen.

Jerry West wants to return, Lakers brass don’t want it to happen.

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So far the duo of Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka seems to have done a good job. They have traded Lou Williams for a first round pick, traded a dead spot in Marcelo Huertas for a flyer young player in Tyler Ennis (who played well), publicly supporting Luke Walton, and signing David Nwaba. All these are good moves, so you would think the new front office, with an alarmingly large lack of experience,  would be smart enough to bring back the greatest executive in NBA history, Jerry West. Well, you thought wrong.

According to Mark Heisler of OCRegister , Jerry West would “love to be  asked back”.  But Magic and company won’t do it because  “They don’t think they need West”

One of the biggest critiques against Jim Buss was his large ego. Well it seems Magic doesn’t lack an ego either (not that it is a surprise). The reasoning is blasphemous (Stephen A Smith voice). This is the man who traded Vlade Divac for Kobe Bryant, which happened to clear enough cap space to sign Shaq. This is the same man who set the Memphis Grizzlies on the path to become one of the most consistent winners today. This is the same man who has been a huge voice in the front office of the team that has been of the one of the most dominant ever over a 3 year span. Even if you don’t think you need him (With their lack of experience they do), having him only helps. What could they possibly have to lose in West having an advisory role with the team? Nothing. On the other end, how much can they gain? Everything.

Hopefully Magic and Pelinka know what they are doing. Hopefully they build a contender. But not bringing in Jerry West; The Jerry West,