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Jeanie Buss speaks out against Jim. - Lakers Pulse

Jeanie Buss speaks out against Jim.

Jeanie Buss speaks out against Jim.

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This is getting ugly. Actually it was already ugly,its getting uglier. Recently Jim and Johnny Buss staged a fail coup of of the Lakers, as they attempted to oust Jeanie Buss from her controlling own position. Well, Jeanie responded.

According to TMZ, Jeanie said “It must be pointed out that Jim has already proven to be completely unfit even in an executive vice president role” and followed that with saying that if Jim and Johnny were in charge, they would possibly fire Magic, in who about she say “who has been hired to turn around the damage done by Jim Buss.”

Jim made tons of mistakes in his tenure as executive vice president of the Lakers. His attempt to get the Lakers back was another. However, to act like Jeanie is a perfect angel is naive. While Jim being outed (and sadly Mitch), gives the Lakers a clear figure in power, which is good, it may not be the right figure. Jeanie, if so committed to fixing the Lakers, why not give a god father offer to a proven GM such as Neil Oshley. Why not Sam Hinkie? Why give it to an unproven Magic Johnson, who coincidentally happens to be a close friend, and a great PR move. Why not take the high road here, and not comment? She won, its over. Why go out and cause more drama, that could potential turn off free agents. This isn’t to say Magic will do a bad job, or free agents will never come again. This to say Jeanie herself has caused a lot of “damage” and may have just caused more. Remember she gave Kobe his contract that turned in to a restriction on the rebuild. She was “pushing” to keep Byron Scott.  And now, she may have just caused damage to the Lakers new found culture that they are trying to build.


Jim and Jeanie have waged war over this for several years now. It was predictable that Jeanie would win. She did. I guess she needed to get one last word in. Hopefully it won’t cost the Lakers too much.