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Jeanie Buss met Magic Johnson and his agent. - Lakers Pulse

Jeanie Buss met Magic Johnson and his agent.

Jeanie Buss met Magic Johnson and his agent.

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The Lakers played the Nuggets Tuesday night. But the result of one game is insignificant if what happened in Magic Johnson-Jeanie Buss dinner meeting is what most will assume it to be.

The part that makes it interesting to me is the fact Magic’s agent was at the meeting, otherwise I would shrug it off as two friends eating together. But with Jim Buss’s 3 year deadline soon up and Magic having always been interested in basketball operations for the Lakers, one would think Jeanie was talking to the legend about replacing Mitch Kupchuck and Jim Buss at the end of the season. It could also be about another basketball role, like a specialty coach (Magic was suppose to work with Russell over the summer) or it could be a business deal. It could be also simply be four friends having dinner. But in case it is the first option, here are my thoughts.

This would be a terrible move. No sugar coating it. Magic has no previous experience building a team. His public takes on the team have been unprofessional and sometimes outrageous. They also borderline on childish and petty, but Magic is said to be a very nice person and having met and talked to him, I can confirm this, so I will hold out on such claims. On top of that, Magic was a Byron Scott supporter. I rest my case. That is all you need to know. While he supported Luke Walton’s hiring, Magic was not exactly pleased with Byron’s departure. After 2 years of his crossed arms, anyone who didn’t want Byron gone should not be in charge of building a basketball team in any capacity, even if it its MYGM in NBA2K17. ┬áIf you have red flags besides that….then in no way should you be considered.

This worries me because it shows Jeanie maybe too emotional when making the choice to who should build this team. Phil Jackson is her ex-fiance and because of the “ex” is likely not coming, but rumors swirled around him for years. Now a close personal friend? If the Lakers want to replace Mitch and Jim (Both should keep their jobs, especially Mitch, or at least stay on as a special adviser), then Ryan West and Jesse Buss should take over. Mitch has groomed Ryan for years, it may bring Jerry West back home, and both candidates have done excellent in their roles. But it definitely should not be Magic Johnson.