Hassan Whiteside to make decision July 1st

Hassan Whiteside to make decision July 1st

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The big fish for the Lakers this off-season is Hassan Whiteside. He ranked number 1 in our free agency rankings and fills the biggest hole.

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With nobody knowing exactly what Whiteside will do, we did get this tidbit today.

Whiteside to the Lakers?

Between the Heat’s cap situation and other priorities, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Whiteside leave Miami. Would Whiteside look towards the Lakers? Who knows, but the first step in the Lakers having a chance is him leaving Miami. Of course Whiteside will be looking only at teams that offer him the max, but how much he values a title ready team could be the big question for the Lakers.

The Lakers are already expected to put their max effort into signing Whiteside. If they want to be sure, they better schedule that meeting for midnight on July 1st. A quick decision also helps the Lakers not waste time like they have in previous off-seasons, and lets them focus on other avenues. The Lakers do have multi-max cap space, but it still requires resources and time pursuing a free agent.

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