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Film Room: Lakers vs. Warriors - Lakers Pulse

Film Room: Lakers vs. Warriors

Film Room: Lakers vs. Warriors

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The Los Angeles Lakers beat the Golden State Warriors on November 4, 2016. Let this day go down on history as one of the hallmarks of the rebuild. Not only did the Lakers beat them, but they did it in a way where they led from start to finish. They were able to withstand some Warriors runs that few have been able to get past.

The young core of the Lakers brought energy, meanwhile, the Warriors played like a team without any. This was most likely due to the fact they played a very emotional game against the Thunder at Oracle. Curry and Thompson went 2-20 from 3 and most of that is just pure luck. It isn’t every day that the 2 best shooters on the planet go cold from 3, missing shots they usually make.

Still to win a game against the best team in the world, you still have to make plays and this team did just that. It wasn’t one player that stopped the Warriors, it was a total group effort. All of the players played a role in the win as both the starters and the bench won the game.

Here are the top 3 players from the game:

D’Angelo Russell: 19 points, 4 assist, 2 rebounds

Lou Williams: 20 points, 4 assist, 2 rebounds

Julius Randle: 20 points, 2 assist, 14 rebounds

Now let’s look at how the Lakers were able to beat the super team convincingly.

Film Room


In their first possession of the game, the Lakers were looking like the Warriors with the ball movement and driving. Here Deng drives and kicks to Nick Young who swings it to Russell for the high percentage 3. They had the Warriors defense on their heels with the ball movement. Luke’s system appears to be getting more and more polished.


Here we see a new wrinkle in Julius Randle’s game as he hands the ball to Nick Young and gives a screen so that Kevin Durant can’t bother the shot. Nick Young still has a tough shot but KD’s long arms aren’t there to bother it.


This offense has it all. Players are constantly moving. Russell gives Mozgov a nifty pocket pass and then he gives it to Deng. Deng let’s KD go into Mozgov and thus the defense reacts. Leaving Randle alone for the slam. Again, making the defense react and move.


The defense made the Lakers work, but the Lakers kept moving and moving. A series of hand-offs and screens allowed for Deng to drive and dump it off to Randle for another slam.


Here Ingram uses his insane wingspan to get the steal off the lazy KD pass. It led to Clarkson being alone for the slam. Although Ingram has struggled on offense, his defense has pretty good.


Drive, kick, swing, repeat. Larry Nance sets a screen and gets the ball on the roll. He kicks it to Ingram who drives and kicks to Lou Williams to reset. Lou looks for a foul and doesn’t get it. Nance is their to do the dirty work with the tip. Possessions like these show what new concepts can do for an offense.


Great patience by Clarkson. Meh finish by Nance.


Defense anyone? The Lakers turned it over and did a really good job of getting. Although the Warriors would later get a dunk, it is good to see the Lakers getting back on a good transition team like the Dubs.


Great pocket pass by Lou Williams. Good read by Nance to cut. The Warriors fell asleep on defense a lot and it is good to see that the Lakers were able to capitalize. The more they drive, the more the defense froze and allowed off ball actions to go unnoticed.


The pick and roll with Lou and Larry became very deadly. Nance makes a great read and pass as Draymond steps up, leaving a pocket to get Randle the ball. Good on Randle for showing his improved finishing by making a tough shot over Looney. Should of been an And 1 *shrug*.


Randle really went at Draymond and showed some good finishing again by absorbing contact and finishing regardless. These are the shots that can help expand his offensive game.


Moving the ball from side to side was an objective for the Lakers and they executed to a T. Ball starts on the left Randle then he swings to Deng then to D’Angelo on the post. Russell keeps it moving to the top of the key with Ingram. Ingram drives and gives to Deng who would of gotten the ball if Draymond Green didn’t have great defensive hands. These are small things, but they create easy offense on even the best of defenders.


The Russell and Randle pick and roll has also taken big steps forward this year. D’Angelo’s sharp pocket passes help get Randle get a ride to rim. He shots a tough shot with Draymond all over him, but he sticks with the play and tips it in. Randle around the rim has improved dramatically and it helps that he is getting better looks and doesn’t have to create for himself.


What a handle this kid D’Angelo has man. He crosses Draymond up nicely off of the switch. He gets to the lane and makes the defense react to him. Leaving Deng open in the corner. Russell’s understanding of defenses is already top notch.


Oh yeah that handle? Still crisp and tight as he crosses another great defender in Klay Thompson with a series of in and outs. Also with a prediction that Klay Thompson would predict Russell would go left. He finishes with a nice floater over KD. Only one turnover in this game for Russell was impressive knowing how long the Warriors are on defense.


Russell stuns Klay with a series of crossovers and rocks him to sleep. When quickly changes directions and goes left. Klay is still on his hip and he shoots the sweet 10 foot jumper.


Lakers were forcing the Warriors to make mistakes by closing out on most shots and harassing those that have the ball. The Warriors just didn’t bring it and the Lakers did. It made all the difference in most possessions.


The best point guard in the NBA and Stephen Curry. The result was very predictable. Russell had that handle tight and it allowed him to make Curry closeout early and D’Angelo was feeling it a bit so he just drained one.


Randle had 5 turnovers, but he was very patient on this play giving Russell enough time to get loose for the pass. Russell threw a perfect to Mozgov and he finished it like most 7 foot Russians do.


Those I.Q. points for D’Angelo Russell are really showing off right here. He cut baseline nicely and it is tough to get a window when Klay is following you around. Point MozGod found Russell for the tough lay in.


The Lakers continue to find ways to move without the ball. See screens being set to get players open? That didn’t happen in Byron’s iso heavy system. The Warriors played tough D by following everyone and switching beautifully. D’Angelo was left with the ball on top of the key with little time so that best he could do is heave it up. With Klay draped all over him, he hit it from deep. These shots are just special.


Brandon gets a huge deflection with his length and then calmly waits for this team to get back to reset and set up. He gives it to Clarkson and the defense crashes down. Ingram gets it back, and hits a tough jumper. Great to see for the rookie.


The Lakers really held their own on defense and did so on this possession. They stuck with everyone and forced Iggy to shoot a mid-range jumper.


Julius was always a freight train in the open court, but he is now playing under control and finding the open players. He pushes the ball and makes Klay collapse on him and then kicks it out. Really flashing that point forward potential.


When its your night, its your night……


What better way to cap off this film room then with a Larry Nance Jr. dunk. Lou and Nance have been quite the connection and both seems to be staying on the bench so it will most certainly get better.