Evan Turner is interested in the Lakers

Evan Turner is interested in the Lakers

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Free agency is less than 10 hours away and the rumors are starting to swirl. The latest one is Celtics forward Evan Turner.

Evan Turner averaged 10.5/4.4/4.9 on 51.3% true shooting. He’s one of twitters favorite players to bash on, but does he have a fit on the Lakers?

Evan Turner’s Fit on Lakers

`Evan Turner played 67% of his minutes as small forward last year, which is a hole for the Lakers. He’s a play-making forward that thrives midrange. Turner shot 24.1% from 3 on only 1 attempt per game. In Luke Walton‘s pace and space offense, Turner does not appear to be a solid fit.

The Celtics were 2.5 points per 100 better with Turner on the floor and their TS% was 3.5 point higher. Turner is a guy that could help a team, but with the Lakers system and roster construction, he might not be the best fit. Evan Turner will find a home somewhere, but the Lakers probably aren’t that team.

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