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ESPN ranks Lakers as 25th best team over next 3 years - Lakers Pulse

ESPN ranks Lakers as 25th best team over next 3 years

ESPN ranks Lakers as 25th best team over next 3 years

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ESPN completed their yearly “Future Power Rankings” and as usual with these ESPN rankings, Lakers fans will be disappointed. ESPN ranks each franchise on 5 metrics: players, management, money, market, and draft. They then use these metrics to rank each franchise and where they are expected to be in 3 years.

The biggest non-surprise was the Warriors at #1. When you have 2 of the 3 best players in the NBA, you’re probably going to be fairly well off for the next 3 seasons. Coming all the way in 25th place is our very own Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers finished just behind the Hawks and the Suns, and just ahead of the Mavs.

The 5 rankings for the Lakers given were Players: 27, Management: 26, Money: 7, Market: 1, Draft: 6. The main issues pointed out for the Lakers were the big contracts given to Timofey Mozgov and Luol Deng, restricting their ability to easily clear max space, and also the Lakers youth and RPM projections from earlier.

3 years is a tiny space to evaluate a team like the Lakers where the bulk of their talent is 21 years or younger. While I don’t completely agree with the ranking (I would put them closer to the 17-20 range), the 3 year evaluation is mostly fair. The Lakers are unproven. They have unproven players, an unproven coach, a front office that, by their own doing, does not have the greatest image. Time will tell how the Lakers will come together as a franchise, and that starts this season.

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You can read the full Future Power Rankings here (insider)

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