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DeMarcus Cousins could be interested in joining the Lakers - Lakers Pulse

DeMarcus Cousins could be interested in joining the Lakers

DeMarcus Cousins could be interested in joining the Lakers

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News broke on Sunday night that all-star center DeMarcus Cousins would be staying in New Orleans for longer than expected after he was traded to the Pelicans following years of rumors and speculation. During those years, the Lakers have constantly been mentioned as a potential destination for him. Apparently that’s not going to change any time soon. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Cousins’ agent told teams that Boogie may look to head to LA when he is a free agent:


“Jarinn Akana and Dan Fegan, who represent Cousins, they did their job here, which was to — and this also complicated what they could get in a trade — Jarinn came out publicly last night and privately they told teams, ‘If you trade for Cousins, we’re telling you, he may not stay. He may not re-sign with you. The Lakers are going to have a lot of cap space again potentially in a couple years. He could go to L.A. as a free agent. He might not stay in New Orleans or he might not stay in Phoenix or anywhere else…”

This makes some sense out of why the Kings sold Cousins for next to nothing. Vlade Divac, the man in the middle of two great Laker moments (being traded for Kobe while clearing out cap space for Shaq, along with “passing” to Robert Horry) and the Kings GM, even admitted the Kings had a better offer on the table two days ago. Cousins’ unwillingness to commit to an extension could be why it was pulled.

That being said, Cousins is a year and a half away from free agency. Even if his camp wasn’t trying to keep the NBA’s best center from being traded (a move that cost Cousins millions) a lot can change from now, including that “potential cap space” that the Lakers could have. So, I wouldn’t hold your breath. Just continue to enjoy what the Lakers have.