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Dear Lakers: Top 10 Lakers Games To Watch in 2017-18 - Lakers Pulse

Dear Lakers: Top 10 Lakers Games To Watch in 2017-18

Dear Lakers: Top 10 Lakers Games To Watch in 2017-18

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Andrew Bogut signs one-year contract with Lakers

Entry 13: Top 10 Lakers Games to Watch if you have Free Time

Date: 8/15/17

Dear Lakers,

Thursday October 19th
Clippers at Lakers: Opening Night
7:30PM PT (TNT)

The long and eventful offseason will officially be over and everyone’s expectations will be about as high as they’ll get all season. I don’t care that the Lakers are kicking off the season against the Clippers, and honestly the “rivalry” will have lost a lot of its luster with Chris Paul being shipped off to Houston. Either way, all I care about is watching rookie Lonzo Ball play in his first official game for the Lakers. WARNING: be prepared for hot takes after game 1 of the 82 game season. If the Lakers lose and Zo plays bad, well then it’s tanking time (Boston owns our pick idiots) and Zo is a bust. If the Lakers win, then expect playoff seeding discussions and coach of the year considerations for Luke Walton. If Zo has a good game, win or lose, expect to see his statue out front before Kobe’s is built. Prediction: Lakers win and Ingram gets called for a foul twice on Lou Williams three-point attempts.

Friday November 3rd
Nets at Lakers: D’Lo’s Return

A player who was once thought of as our savior and our next future hall of famer to lead us to a championship will be returning to the Staples Center for the first time. Of course, I speak of Timofey Mozgov, the $64-million-dollar man. Even typing that makes me want smash a hammer to both of my kneecaps. I’m expecting a HUGE game out of the multimillionaire, maybe an accidental block with his elbow and a couple dropped passes that he’ll kick out of bounds. Also, at least a gallon of sweat oozing from him in his 18 minutes of play. I’d like to see how the Nets new point guard performs, too. Prediction: Lakers win and Mozgov fouls out.

Wednesday November 8th
Lakers at Celtics: Rivalry?
5:00PM PT (ESPN)

The next chapter in arguably the greatest rivalry in all of professional sports begins on this night in Bos…. Blah Blah Blah. If you want to hear about this storied rivalry, then go watch ESPN’s 15-part 30 for 30 on the topic or read any basketball book ever written, ever. All I’m hoping for is that after the game and watching Lonzo play, the only thing that Celtics fans have to say is “WE F***** UP”. Still can’t believe those green idiots traded away the number one overall pick AND Avery Bradley. Prediction: Lakers win and Lonzo notches his first triple-double.

Wednesday November 15th
Sixers at Lakers: F*** The Process
7:30PM PT (ESPN)

SO MANY FEUDS! Number 1 overall pick vs. number 2 overall pick. Both consider themselves to be the best player in the draft class. Ben Simmons sister vs. Lonzo Ball. “I hope my brother dunks on Lonzo Ball so hard next year that his daddy runs on the court to help him up…….” – Olivia Simmons. Your brother has to get on the court first sis. Ben Simmons sister vs. Lavar Ball. “Hey @lavarbigballer can I get some women’s leggi….. oh wait u don’t cater to everyone. You’re a marketing genius.” – Olivia Simmons. Say what you want about Lavar but intentionally or unintentionally he actually is a marketing genius. Joel Embiid vs. Lavar Ball. “F*** Lavar Ball”- Joel Embiid. Solid point Joel. SO MANY FEUDS! I’m definitely excited to watch this game as long as one of the three Sixers core players is healthy. So like a 20% chance of that happening.

Wednesday November 22nd
Lakers at Kings: Fox vs. Lonzo
7:30PM PT (ESPN)

During the 2017 March Madness Tournament, in the Sweet 16, De’Aaron Fox dropped 39 points on Lonzo Ball to “shut Lavar Ball up”. The Summer League rematch from the Sweet 16 between these two lottery picks was ruined when we learned prior to the tipoff that Zo was sitting out of game with tightness in his quad. So, I’ve been patiently waiting for this rematch and Lonzo Ball to seek his revenge on Fox. Prediction: Lakers win and Alex Caruso ONCE AGAIN outperforms Fox on both sides of the ball.

Wednesday November 29th
Warriors at Lakers: The Champs visit LA
7:30PM PT (NBA TV)

Friday, November 4th 2016
Golden State Warriors- 97
Los Angeles Lakers- 117
According to the transitive property, the Lakers are the reigning NBA Champions. #NeverForget
Prediction: Same thing.

Thursday December 14th
Lakers at Cavaliers: Lonzo vs. LeBron
5:00PM PT (TNT)

Recently, Lonzo Ball was asked if he liked Kobe or LeBron more – and he chose LeBron. EVERYONE PUT DOWN YOUR WEAPONS. I have no problem with this. I’ve said it before, but LeBron is Lonzo’s generations idol, so I understand where he’s coming from. Kobe was more of a fan of Michael Jordan than he was Magic Johnson and that turned out okay for us. Besides, with the chance of LeBron signing with the Lakers next offseason continuing to grow, I’d rather him continue to compliment the guy rather than trash him. I’m all for watching Lonzo Ball go up against his favorite player and possibly future teammate. Prediction: Lakers win and LeBron approves of Lonzo so much that he signs with Big Baller Brand.

Monday December 25th
Wolves at Lakers: Christmas Day Miracle
7:30PM PT (TNT)

It’s a miracle! The Los Angeles Lakers will be playing on Christmas day! Who would’ve thought that the most popular and one of the most valuable franchises in the NBA would get the honor of playing on Christmas day!? Especially considering the fact that they’re located in little old Los Angeles with arguably the most polarizing rookie to enter the league since LeBron James. Absolute miracle I tell ya! What time is the Clippers game? Oh really, they aren’t scheduled for a Christmas game? That’s odd. Prediction: Lakers win and Tom Thibodeau loses his voice during the pregame shoot around.

Wednesday January 3rd
Thunder at Lakers: Paul George & Russ Tryout
7:30PM PT (ESPN)

The Los Angeles Lakers will be holding a free agent workout open to the public on January 3rd featuring Paul George and Russell Westbrook. The two stars will be showing off their respected talents not only to the Lakers executives but the general public as well. Decisions concerning this open workout will be made in early July of 2018 (unless your name is LeBron then the decision is already made). Also to be noted, the two teams will be playing in an exhibition game as well. A rematch of this game will be played on February 8th, which also happens to fall on the trade deadline. Will the Thunder be buying or selling at the deadline? My guess is buying to keep their two stars happy. Prediction: Lakers win and both stars have a decent chance at making the team next summer.

Sunday March 11th
Cavaliers at Lakers: LeBron comes Home… Again
6:00PM PT (ESPN)

LeBron James is coming home. Or at least to one of his many homes, this one just so happens to be in LA. Usually under these circumstances, LeBron would be showered by boos at the Staples Center. However, with this game being played at the tail end of the season and free agency looming, I wouldn’t be surprised if LeBron received an enormous applause. This is a perplexing situation for myself, as an open and irrational LeBron hater. I’ve come to the realization that whatever is best for the team, is probably best for me too. Especially since I know the Lakers organization is sooooo concerned with my thoughts and feelings on the matter. If the best player, not named Alex Caruso, on the planet wants to play for my Los Angeles Lakers, then by all means welcome to the purple and gold. The choice is yours – King/or Queen James (depending on decision). Prediction: Lakers win and LeBron signs with the Lakers in free agency and my head explodes.

So those are my top ten Lakers games of the 2017-2018 season that you should watch if you have free time. There are also another 72 games during the year that you don’t have to watch, instead I will watch them for you. I’m not overly concerned about those games because I’m sure we’ll win all of those games too. Prediction: Lakers go 82-0 and just BARELY miss out on the 8th seed in the West.

Humbly Yours,
A Lakers Fan