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Dear Lakers: Are the 2017 NBA summer league Lakers the G.O.A.T.?

Dear Lakers: Are the 2017 summer league Lakers the G.O.A.T.?

Dear Lakers: Are the 2017 summer league Lakers the G.O.A.T.?

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Entry 11: Are the 2017 Summer League Lakers the G.O.A.T.?

Date: 7/17/17

Dear Lakers,

The Los Angeles Lakers are the 2017 NBA Summer League Champions! The banner will be hung up sarcastically in the rafters during Clippers home games. Which lead me to the question, are the 2017 Lakers Summer League team the greatest team to ever wear the purple and gold for Los Angeles? Allow me to explain.

The leader of the summer league Lakers and MVP of the entire summer league is none other than Lonzo Ball. A point guard so talented that Skip Bayless called him a once in a generation caliber player, and even compared him to Magic Johnson. And what Skip says is gospel baby, he’s literally never wrong with any of his takes.

Next up is Kyle Kuzma, the summer league championship game MVP, 2nd team all summer league, and my newly adopted son. Recently, Kuzma came out and said that he feels capable of being able to guard positions 1-5. Well you know who else felt comfortable playing all five positions and even did so in a NBA Finals deciding game? That’s right, Magic Johnson.

However, the Lakers summer league squad got off to a rocky start with two straight losses, with momentum completely changing in game three.

Enter Alex “No Gain with Rogaine” Caruso.

With Lonzo sitting out due to quad soreness, Caruso was just the jolt that the Lakers were looking for. Caruso was a wizard with the ball, pure “Magic” (Editor’s note: ahhhh you get it?). The Lakers haven’t had passing like that since… the previous two games with Lonzo but before that? Well, since Magic Johnson.

When the Lakers would go cold from the field, it was G League MVP Vander Blue who would step up to get an easy bucket. A clutch gene that honestly reminded me of Magic Johnson.

When it came to the center position, Ivica Zubac was the starter but struggled finishing at the rim, other than with his smooth baby sky hook. A baby sky hook that gave me flashbacks to the game-winner from Game 4 of the 1987 NBA Finals… four years before I was born. Wait a minute, who took that shot? Oh yeah, Magic Johnson.

Sorry my memory of that game is a little blurry, I was only negative four years old at the time. Rounding out the rotation was Matt Thomas and Travis Wear, basically just two white guys banging in threes, and Thomas “Not Kobe” Bryant.

So there you have it, the 2017 NBA Summer League Champions. A team comprised of basically five Magic Johnson’s, a guy by the name of Bryant and two generic white guys. Going on an unprecedented 6 GAME WINNING STREAK. That’s definitely an all-time Lakers record (don’t look that up).

So yeah, go ahead and try telling me that past Lakers champions wouldn’t be having nightmares of facing this juggernaut in a fictional Finals series that combines past and present. Either way it was an amazing Summer League that gave us just a small taste of what the future holds for us Lakers fans. And if you don’t agree with me about this team being the greatest Lakers team ever, well your point is valid, but you’re wrong. So shut up.

Humbly Yours,
A Lakers Fan