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Dear Lakers: Ping-Pong Purgatory - Lakers Pulse

Dear Lakers: Ping-Pong Purgatory

Dear Lakers: Ping-Pong Purgatory

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Entry 1: Lakers 2017 Exit Interviews

Date: 4/13/17

Dear Lakers Diary,

Imagine (or remember) going to a local bar one night to throw a few beers back and watch the purple and gold take on one of the twenty-nine other lesser teams in the league. The night starts off with the high hopes of a big Lakers win. However, with the excitement comes an increased urge to continue to drink… and drink… and drink… You’re feeling pretty good at halftime with a double digit lead and a solid, but safe buzz. Then it happens. The boys come out to start the second half and the wheels fall off. Turnover. Shot. Turnover. Beer. Turnover. More Beer. The lead slips away as fast as your night has just slipped into darkness. You faintly recall seeing the final score, a Lakers loss and no tacos, as you tumble into a table of patrons. And then the buzzer goes off. No not the game buzzer but your alarm clock. A huge rush of embarrassment and shame rushes over you as you begin to piece together the previous night’s events. Just then you realize you left your tab open at the bar and begin dreading having to go back to the bar and explain yourself to everyone the reasoning behind your actions. Having to explain to them that you’ll be better next, that you’ll work on it to be better. Not just for yourself but for everyone involved. Sound familiar right? Maybe? No? You think you’re better than me? Either way, this is what I correlate the Lakers exit interviews to. Sure in the eyes of many Lakers fans, myself included, this season was a success with many players showing signs of progress and nine more wins than last year. But as elite competitors you are to believe that the players expected more out of themselves and the team. So after a losing season, having to go back to the facility and answer questions regarding the team and your role in the losses might not be the most appealing circumstances. “What did you take away from this season? What do you need to improve on the most in the offseason? Did you know that the man you fought in the bar parking lot was actually an oak tree? Hey, where did your beer go? And was McDonalds still open?”. The usual questions. It’s an attempt to give closure to the Lakers season and I’m not ready for it. All I can think about is how in the hell am I going to pass the time for an entire month before I know if we (Yes I’m a “we” fan) even get to keep the rights to our own lottery pick? Then and only then will I officially consider the season finished. So until then, I will sit here praying to the basketball gods while simultaneously attempting to sell my soul to the basketball devil while I wait in this ping-pong purgatory.

Humbly yours,
A Lakers Fan