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David Nwaba signs two year deal - Lakers Pulse

David Nwaba signs two year deal

David Nwaba signs two year deal

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It started with a tryout that led to a spot on the Lakers D-League affiliate, the Los Angeles D-fenders. It then led to a 10-day contract when Luke Walton decided that he wanted to see more youth on the team. That contract led to a second 10-day that expired after some excellent play on Tuesday, March 21st. After some nervousness by the Laker faithful and some speculation as to what Luke meant by “trying out other players”, it was made official. David Nwaba will sign with the Lakers for the remainder of the year.

The two-year deal will cover the remainder of the year and will include next year as a team option. The 6’4 guard certainly earned his way to the contract with some excellent play on defense.  He showed tremendous effort in whatever he did and was ready to go at moment’s notice, coming off the bench as well as making a start.

After graduating from Cal Poly, Nwaba tried out for the Reno Bighorns D-League team and his rights were awarded to them. Those rights were then traded to his hometown D-Fenders and the rest, as they say, is history. Nwaba’s story is certainly one of rarity in the NBA. That said, he has worked extremely hard to get to this point and this contract was certainly well earned. Not only was he a fan favorite, but he was also a team favorite as D’Angelo Russell stated the night he was ejected against the Bucks.

“David Nwaba was amazing. I’m surprised he’s not on the team right now as far as a long-term contract. He’s amazing.”

Russell has got his wish, and I’m sure a lot of the team and fans (including myself) have as well. As for the statements made by Luke Walton about trying out other players, it is uncertain what the next move will be. All we know for now is that the hard-defending high-flying David Nwaba is a Laker for the present and possibly for the near future.

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