Caldwell-Pope has agreed to a 1year contract with Lakers

Caldwell-Pope has agreed to a 1year contract with Lakers

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As explained a few hours ago by Windhorst, the Lakers met with free agent SG Kentavious Caldwell-Pope today. A few hours later, what we thought was just another rumor, finally became a reality, as the 24 year old 8th overall pick in the draft 4 years ago, signs a contract with the Lakers.

Sure, this is only for a year, but KCP will finally play with a pass first point guard, something he’s never had. Also, this should definitely help the Lakers rookie point guard, as he’ll have a solid guard to help him out scoring-wise, also defensively. The Lakers now have used up all of (but wait) their cap space for this year, but they do have a $4.3M exception, which could still be used on a player, such as Rajon Rondo. KCP will now join a projected lineup of Lonzo Ball, Ingram, Randle, and Brook Lopez.

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