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Byron Scott: Unsung Lakers hero and point guard whisperer - Lakers Pulse

Byron Scott: Unsung Lakers hero and point guard whisperer

Byron Scott: Unsung Lakers hero and point guard whisperer

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Byron Scott: The Unsung Lakers Hero and Point Guard Whisperer, or Why I Am a Byron Stan

Chapter one

It was a cold autumn evening in Southern California. Coach Scott was putting on his favorite tan suit with wrinkles in the elbows from crossing his arms. It was the night before the start of training camp, and Byron had some whippersnappers to teach.

He looked over and saw a picture of himself in the jersey of the team he now coached. It was a dream come true, to be the coach of the Lakers, and arguably one of the greatest Lakers of all time. Yet, he knew that his days as coach were few. Mitch and Jim had never told him so, but he was good at reading people, feeling their emotions. Byron knew that at the end of the season, he would be replaced with someone younger, smarter, and more of a “players coach”. But he couldn’t fret on that now. He had work to do, and a point guard to whisper to.

Coach Scott arrived to the gym in which they were training in Hawaii. He saw all of the punk kids in front of him, thinking they were hot shit. They are, he thought, I just need to teach them some humility. He blew his whistle and the gym fell silent.

“We’re going to WORK today, boys. Do you know what WORK is? It’s what MEN do. You need to MAN up!”
Byron knew that he would be the team pariah by the end of the day. He knew it would inspire unity among the young core. He knew all of this, but also knew it would cost him his job.

Byron Scott started the future for the Lakers. This is his story.


Stay tuned for part two coming sometime next week.