Big Baller Land Podcast S1E4

Big Baller Land Podcast S1E4

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Welcome to The Big Baller Land podcast presented by Lakers Pulse, where we break down games, news, and moves from the National Basketball Association. In Episode 4, TJ and Jeremiah dive into a certain offensive set the Lakers run often (and why it sometimes doesn’t work), a possible trade scenario to get a star to LA, and preview the Warriors/Lakers game with Hugo Kitano from the Warriors SB Nation blog “Golden State of Mind”. Big shoutout to Pete @LakerFilmRoom for the HORNS offensive sets video. Thank you in advance for listening on Apple Podcasts or SoundCloud, it’s greatly appreciated!

The Big Baller Land Podcast will be a weekly podcast, talking not only Lakers basketball, but the NBA as a whole. You can find the podcast on Twitter and Instagtram @BigBallerLand, but also on Apple Podcasts and SoundCloud.