Big Baller Land Podcast S1E3Big Baller Land Podcast

Big Baller Land Podcast S1E3

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Welcome to The Big Baller Land podcast presented by Lakers Pulse, where we break down games, news, and moves from the National Basketball Association. In Episode 3, TJ and Jeremiah tell a brief history about how they got to Lakers Pulse and the Big Baller Land Podcast, let’s get funky and compare D’Angelo Russell and Lonzo Ball through their first 17 NBA games, while picking our Eastern Conference champion, and explaining why the Lakers need to win their next two games. Thank you in advance for listening on iTunes Podcasts or SoundCloud, it’s greatly appreciated!

The Big Baller Land Podcast will be a weekly podcast, talking not only Lakers basketball, but the NBA as a whole. You can find the podcast on Twitter and Instagtram @BigBallerLand, but also on Apple Podcasts and SoundCloud.