Paul George to the Lakers? It may be closer than you think!

Paul George to the Lakers? It may be closer than you think!

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The Draft Lottery is officially behind us, rumors are swirling at a rapid rate. The Lakers are connected to Paul George of the Indiana Pacers and according to Nate Taylor of the Indy Star, George is going to look into all of his options before meeting with the Pacers organization

The All-NBA teams were revealed and Paul George was not included. The rumor of PG-13 coming to the Lakers only intensifies, with the extra money now a thing of the past. The Lakers are known to have tried to acquire the Pacer forward at the trade deadline last February. The article could be taken seriously or lightly depending on what side of the opinion you fall. It may just be a way to ramp up interest in the forward.

George has options including, signing an extension, but that wouldn’t be in his best interest. He could demand a trade which would drop any value that Indiana would expect to get back. George would also need to consider, a trade demand, specifically with the Lakers, could see him going to a team that has been lessened by a trade. The Lakers are said to believe they have the upper hand at signing George after 2018 when he becomes a free agent.


The Lakers seem to be in the drivers seat in the situation, lets hope It is the right one.