The 2017 NBA Draft All-Hair Team

The 2017 NBA Draft All-Hair Team

It got really hairy when it came time to choose

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There are tons of things that NBA scouts have to take into account when scouting players. Apart from the film and stats, they meet up and talk to friends, family members, and another else who can provide insight on the prospect they are scouting. This allows for scouts to get to know how hard players work and who they surround themselves with. The latter is more of a precautionary measure to make sure the player isn’t involved in some bad situations.

All of this stuff is very important and it is a process that begins early on in high school. The scouts end up knowing these prospects inside and out with intel on how they are wired and what drives them. They combine all of this personal information with what they do on the court in order to know all about a player and decide whether or not they want to draft him.

In the draft, there are so many things that people gravitate to like a long wingspan, good size compared to the NBA, good shot form, or even college success. All of these things are used as indicators to project NBA success and to figure out ceilings for all of these players. The more good traits players have, the higher they will go in the NBA Draft. Sometimes players have only one good trait, but they are so good at that one thing that they also go high in the draft.

There is one that people overlook in the scouting process: the hair style of the players. Players that have different hair cuts and styles that stray away from the usual buzz cut should instantly be rewarded with a boost in stock.

These hair styles don’t have to be insane like Lil Yachty’s red braids. They can be something tall or high that stands out from the norm, or something more awesome like an afro that is capable of blocking shots. Either way, all of these players are rebels and they aren’t afraid to experiment by straying away from the norm.

Teams that have players with bland, regular hair cuts need to have at least one player with braids or something different. If a player has great hair like Jarrett Allen or Jonathan Isaac, no spot is too high to draft them.

This year, there were some great candidates. All of the players on the 2017 All-Hair team are projected to go in the first so they can ball. It just happens that they have hair that stands out. All of the players that will be shown have some kind of hair style that few players have had. NBA teams that take these players will not only be taking players that have talent and high upside, but also some great hair and in the end, that’s all that matters. I introduce the first annual All-Hair team:

Point Guard: De’Aaron Fox

(Matt Stone/C-J)

De’Aaron Fox had a really good NCAA tournament. His game against UCLA turned him into a household name that many people in NBA circles talk about as a top 5 draft pick. Although Fox has flaws like his jump shot and slight frame, De’Aaron’s hair has been great all year (except for the man bun stage). I was willing to ignore that awkward stage because it was consistently cool and the style was always maintained. At the point guard position, creativity is a must and Fox has shown that aspect of the game with his hair. It legitimately looks like he stuck black gummy worms on his head and did a terrible job. The way he pulled it in this picture shows outstanding flexibility.

Shooting Guard: Josh Jackson

Source: SI

During the lottery, Josh Jackson was sporting a Kawhi Leonard inspired look by going with cornrows. He then went back to the great afro that he sported during his time in Kansas. His hair was always great throughout the year and the afro wasn’t as big as Jarrett Allen’s, but it was more compact and organized. He did a good job of maintaining it all year and it was great.

Small Forward: Jonathan Isaac

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Jonathan Isaac easily sported the best hair all year and throughout the draft process. It was so awesome and unique as it was brushed up so tall that it gave him shade when he was outside. That’s a superhuman skill that few people can claim. It also moved well on the court since he is very mobile for a player his size and the hair moved perfectly. I always end up asking myself why I don’t have this hair style because I know that I’d love it. That’s how you know it is great.

Power Forward: DJ Wilson

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

DJ Wilson is definitely someone that people sleep on as far as having good hair. He has an odd cut that is like Issac’s hair style on steroids. It goes from the top of his head all the way to the bottom. The sides of his head are shaved and they even have designs on the side. Overall, his hair is great and it’s crazy enough to earn the spot at power forward. It was so good that I had to remove Jonathan Isaac from the PF and put him as a SF.

Center: Jarrett Allen

The afro has been a lost art in the NBA for a while now and Jarrett Allen and Josh Jackson are bringing it back. Allen’s afro is definitely more developed and bigger than Jackson’s. The afro is a deadly combination with the mustache that he has been growing as it makes him look like a porn star from the 80’s. The afro looks to be sporting a different brain and hands because I once saw his afro block a shot. That is something that should really make him go in the top 3, simply because the afro is out of this world. All of these players have different hair styles, but I get sold on players that sport afros. Lonzo’s lame buzz cut doesn’t do it for me.

That’s it for the All-Hair team 2017. This is going to be a yearly tradition that I hope you guys look forward to.